Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity

At Holm Filters, we believe in uplifting our community by supporting lesser-known charities that often lack widespread support. Together, we can make a difference where it's needed most.


In June, Holm Filters aims to raise £1,000 for the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity (DVLCC).


DVLCC is a local charity, just 20 minutes away from us. They assist children under 5 with Cerebral Palsy and other motor learning impairments. 

In our area, there's no government-funded support for families with these children before they turn 5. Caring for them poses numerous challenges for families. 

DVLCC provides free assistance to these families, relying solely on community donations to sustain their services.

Here's how Holm will be raising money:

For every Filter kit bought in June, Holm will donate £1

at no extra cost to you.

Filter kits

We will be hosting a Charity Meal for our staff.

All Holm staff and Horsham-based HTS staff will be invited - on the basis of donating before the event.

Charity meal



We've opened up a Charity Fundraising page on Gofundme

To give everyone the opportunity to donate to DVLCC and make sure all donations are Gift-Aid able, we've set up a crowdfunding page on Gofundme. 


To donate, please click here


All funds will go directly to Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity and are Gift-Aidable.


Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity in their own words


We help children under 5 with Cerebral Palsy and other motor learning impairments make the best possible start in life, and equip their families with the skills to continue their development at home.

Children with Cerebral Palsy struggle to learn fundamental skills – they do not have the typical early experiences of their peers because of their disabilities. Often excluded from everyday activities in their communities, they are unable to attend mainstream nursery provision, limiting their opportunities for socialisation and integration. They are at risk of isolation and so intervention is crucial. 

We provide an early intervention service based on the methodology of Conductive Education (task-based learning). Our services include conductive education (task-based learning), physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, aqua therapy, music therapy, and outreach. Parents and children work together in a supportive environment. We focus on improving a child’s physical, social, and emotional skills. Sessions are hands-on structured and one-to-one or small group. No formal diagnosis or referral is needed to access our services. We currently care for 80 children per week and hope to double that figure in the next two years.

All our services are offered to families free of charge. We receive no statutory funding and rely entirely on the community to raise our funds.

Child from Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity