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Hitachi is a Japanese construction equipment company that was established way back in 1970. They are a major player in the market today and are now listed on the Nikkei 225 (the Japanese equivalent to the FTSE). They have a range of excavators and loaders including popular models such as the ZX130-5 and ZX200LC-5G. All of which are supported by our range of quality filters. 


We have Hitachi spec filters and service filter kits for all Hitachi plant vehicles including:

  • Hitachi AdBlue Filters
  • Hitachi Air Filters
  • Hitachi Cabin Filters
  • Hitachi Fuel Filters 
  • Hitachi Hydraulic Filters
  • Hitachi Oil Filters
  • Hitachi Pollen Filters 
  • Hitachi Power Steering Filters
  • Hitachi Transmission Filters

Hitachi filters for Hitachi equipment can be purchased as individual filters or to maximise efficiency and productivity choose our Hitachi service filter kits, containing everything you need to complete an interim or full service on your Hitachi machinery.

Our Hitachi filter service kits are available in either 500-hour interim service kits or 1000 full-service kits. Maintaining these factory-recommended service intervals is important, not just to protect your Hitachi warranty, but to ensure vehicle safety and improve your machine uptime, reliability and performance.

You can find genuine Hitachi spec filter replacements with our easy-to-use ordering and Filter Finder system.  

If you would require original Hitachi branded filters please speak to our sales team as we have options available and can create bespoke kits to suit our Holm customers.

The Holm Filter Finder makes it easy for you to find a replacement filter for any Hitachi model of plant machinery, here at Holm we have all the filter parts you need. 


If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable and experienced filter experts about our range of Hitachi filters, please phone Holm on 01403 914400, email or fill out our contact form

Hitachi Filters available for next day delivery from Holm Filters.  

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