Meet the Team

Meet Ryan a problem-solving whiz. He has a knack for analysing complex issues, uncovering their core, and then creating creative solutions. But when the day is done, Ryan sheds his troubleshooter hat and takes his 2 kids on adventures - exploring hidden corners of their world and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cuppa of choice: PG tips, milk, one sweetener



Ryan McIntyre



Meet Elliot, our Operations Manager and technical whiz. He can solve most filter challenges. Customers facing cross-referencing woes can breathe a sigh of relief knowing Elliot's expertise is just a call away. He's not just a master of operations, though. When he's not fielding questions, you might find him playing with his baby boy.

Cuppa of choice: PG tips, red milk, one sweetener stirred vigorously



Elliot Knappett



Meet Anthea, the whirlwind of energy. Never one to sit idle, she thrives on keeping herself and those around her busy and accountable. Whether it's work projects or personal goals, her focus and determination are infectious. But Anthea's drive extends beyond productivity. In her free time, she's bombing around the country with her 2 adorable, ginger-haired nieces. 

Cuppa of choice: varies depending on mood, anything apart from normal tea



Anthea Giles



Meet Ivan, our Founding Director. No matter the time of day, his mind buzzes with creative solutions and innovative approaches. Whether it's 3 am or 3 pm, a new concept might pop into his head, and he's never shy about sharing. Outside of work, he could be anywhere from playing with his grandchildren to hammering the piano keys.

Cuppa of choice: PG tips (not Yorkshire), red milk (not too much), no sugar



Ivan Knappett



Meet Karson, in the Technical Sales team. With his extensive knowledge of plant and construction machinery, customers often look to him to help find the right filters for their machines. When he's not helping our customers, Karson enjoys the challenge of tree surgery in his spare time.

Cuppa of choice: Yorkshire, milk, no sugar



Karson Andrews



Meet Roxley, one of our Business Development Managers. Ever friendly and calm, he loves chatting with customers and helping them find exactly what they need. Outside of work, Roxley is often found at the barbeque, producing tasty delicacies or and behind his drum set, laying down a beat.

Cuppa of choice: biscuits and cakes only, no hot drinks here.



Roxley Knappett



Meet Emmeline, the marketing mastermind. She juggles at least 25 browser tabs and 8 projects simultaneously. Her boundless energy fuels both her productivity and her adventurous spirit. When she unwinds, she's trying anything new, from wild recipes to piano reimaginings. There's no limit to what Emmeline will tackle.

Cuppa of choice: Pukka peppermint & liquorice tea, subject to change at any moment.



Emmeline Pons



Meet Lucinda, our Accounts Manager. With years of experience in accounts for the construction industry, we’re sure she knows everything there is to know. Forever busy, she’ll always keep a nice, comforting tea within arms reach. When she’s not flat-out doing all things accounts, she's a regular visitor to Canada.

Cuppa of choice: Earl Grey rooibos, no sugar, no milk



Lucinda Knappett



Meet Gabe, our resident Content Data Analyst! Hailing from the Philippines, Gabe brings her sharp mind for numbers to the team. When she's not crunching content data, she's busy keeping up with her little one. To unwind, Gabe loves curling up to watch a good Korean drama, hitting the volleyball court or travelling around the world.