Lighting Tower Filters

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Lighting Towers are heavy duty equipment that is widely used in construction, engineering or maintenance projects. They are diesel-driven generators combined with a lighting element so it needs the same maintenance considerations as any other mobile equipment.

Proper maintenance and changing of machinery parts like oil filters, fuel filters and air filters should be done periodically, especially when it operates in dirty environments. Holm Filters can provide you with all of these light tower replacement parts. We offer replacement filters and 500-hour and 1000-hour service kits for Trime Lighting Towers, Towerlight Light Towers, and Morris Light Towers. With over a thousand filters on stock, we are confident the you can find all the filters and filter kits you need.

Towerlight VB9 Lighting Tower
SMC TL90 Lighting Tower
Trime Lighting Tower

Our wide range of Lighting Tower Filters include:


Lighting Tower AdBlue Filters

We supply Lighting Tower AdBlue replacement filters for all makes and models of all types of plant and construction equipment like Trime Lighting Towers, Towerlight Light Towers, and Morris Light Towers. With a Lighting Tower AdBlue filter between the AdBlue tank and the engine, you protect your engine from particles, dirt and crystallised urea.

Lighting Tower Adblue Filter

Lighting Tower Air filters are installed on construction lighting towers used in a wide range of industries where hazardous airborne dust and particles can get into the engine and cause major problems. Lighting Tower Air Filters ensure that air entering into the engine is clean and free from debris, dust, and pollen. Your lighting towers operate in dirty and dusty conditions, so if you don’t keep on top of regular filter replacement, it could lead to damage and the need for costly repairs or replacement parts. In many applications, a Secondary or Inner filter is fitted.  It is vitally important that these filters get regular attention as well. A blocked or partially blocked air filter system will cause the engine to effectively suffocate and if not replaced at regular intervals it can increase fuel consumption dramatically and will place additional strain on the engine and driveline components. The Holm range of heavy duty Lighting Tower Air filters include Trime Lighting Tower Air filters, Towerlight Light Tower Air filters, and Morris Light Tower Air filters.

Lighting Tower Air Filters

Lighting Tower Fuel Filters prevent engine damage by screening out dirt and rust particles from the fuel before going into the engine. Vehicle performance depends on a finely balanced mix of air and clean fuel. By keeping dirt at bay, the lighting tower fuel filters play a vital role in your plant machine’s health and efficiency. Dirty, blocked, or worn lighting tower fuel filters will compromise performance and ultimately, uptime, as dirt and debris clog your fuel injectors and carburetor. Our heavy duty Holm branded Lighting Tower Fuel Filters are compatible with all makes and models of Trime Lighting Towers, Towerlight Light Towers, and Morris Light Towers.

Lighting Tower Fuel Filters

The cost to replace a Lighting Tower Engine Oil Filter is minimal and failure to keep on top of oil and filter changes could lead to engine damage and the need for costly repairs or replacement parts. Oil performs a number of important jobs as it flows through a vehicle engine. Without a lighting tower oil filter in place, the oil would pick up dirt, dust, fungus and bacteria which would clog your lighting tower engine, rather than lubricating it. A regularly changed heavy equipment oil filter will keep your engine oil clean, enabling oil to do its job properly. Holm provides OEM equivalent Lighting Tower replacement parts for all makes and models of plant machines like Trime Lighting Towers, Towerlight Light Towers, and Morris Light Towers.

Lighting Tower Oil Filters

The Holm Advantage

Holm specialises in high quality filters of all types for construction and agricultural equipment. We make the sourcing and supply of Lighting Tower filters simpler, whilst also reducing costs, whether you choose Holm-branded or OEM filters across your fleet.

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