Find out what machines a filter fits in 10 seconds

15th January 2024 Holm Education

If you're used to ordering a batch of filters for servicing plant and construction machinery in advance, you've probably come across the issue of having loose filters on your shelf. 

Generally, a fitter or engineer knows which machines, in their fleet, take those filters. But sometimes, an odd-ball machine is added to the fleet and you’re not 100% sure which filters it takes. Are they already on the shelf? Or, do you need to order some more in?

First, check your stock.

If you’ve got loose filters, the Compatibility tab on the Holm website will tell you which filters will fit. (see video guide below)



Quick instructions:

  1. Go to the Holm Filters website (
  2. Type the filter part code into the search bar at the top right of the Holm website.
  3. Click on the matching product in the dropdown.
  4. Click on the compatibility tab (below the grey box on the right)
  5. Scroll to find all the machines that take that filter.


Top tip:

If you want to find a particular machine in the list quickly, type Ctrl+F and type the machine name in.



If you need to order in new filters, you can use the filter finder to get a complete list of filters for your machines. (see video guide below)


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