Genuine or Non-Genuine? It's what's on the inside that counts.

7th December 2023 Holm Education


We're here today just to have a look at the insides of a typical transmission filter.

So I've got here a JCB version in a box and here, I have a Holm equivalent. So we've got two products that are same, and I thought, if we chop them apart, we’ll have a look at what's inside.

Because it's actually what's inside that counts.


The outside looks very similar: one is yellow, obviously. And the Holm one will be in typical Holm white livery. So, we're going to put it on our tool, we're going to cut this thing to bits and see what it looks like.

So, here we have a JCB transmission filter with a lid. And inside we have the actual part that does the work, which is the filter itself, and the spring. So the three components; the spring keeps the pressure, a good filter, little valve inside.

I've also got the Holm version we’ll now chop that one. So, we have the same. We have the lid and we have the inside, which is the part that does the work and its spring.


So let's compare the two.

So, the metal cans pretty much the same, different colour springs look pretty identical. That filter is absolutely the same thing; same markings, same media and the lid.


So there we have it.

We have a Holm-branded one and we have a JCB-branded...
the exact same product.


Available from JCB, part number 581M8563.

Or available from Holm H10-0100-HOL.

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