Holm Education: The Various Types of Filters

18th June 2021 Holm Education

Filters come in all shapes and sizes and depending on the application a different filter is to be used. We run through the roles and purposes of various filter types below, with further information available at the identified links. 


  • AdBlue Filters: 

Their primary job is to reduce the vehicles' emissions by removing particles, dirt and crystallised urea from the AdBlue before it enters the engine. For more information, please see our AdBlue filters page.

  • Air Filters: 

Essential on construction plant and agricultural vehicles to prevent hazardous airborne dust and particles from getting into the engine and causing major problems. For more information, please see our Air Filters page.

  • Cabin Filters: 

These are installed in the cabs of plant vehicles where drivers are at risk of potentially breathing in hazardous airborne dust, spores and particles, particularly prevalent on construction sites and in agricultural applications. For more information, please see our Cabin Filters page.

  • Fuel Filters: 

These are positioned in the fuel line between the diesel or petrol tank and the engine, to screen out dirt and rust particles from the fuel. The cost to replace a fuel filter is minimal, yet failure to do so can lead to engine damage and the need for costly repairs. For more information, please see our Fuel Filters page.

  • Hydraulic Filters: 

Designed to filtrate and purify hydraulic oil. Ageing fluid, penetrating moisture and abrasion can increasingly contaminate the hydraulic system and so keeping the oil clean is a high priority to ensure long and, reliable life. For more information, please see our Hydraulic Filters page.

  • Oil Filters: 

These ensure that the oil that is vital to keeping your engine running smoothly remains lubricated and does not pick up dirt, dust, fungus, or bacteria. For more information, please see our Oil Filters page.

  • Power Steering Filters: 

Designed to filtrate and purify the hydraulic oil in the steering system, so contaminants do not clog the essential moving parts. For more information, please see our Power Steering Filters page.

  • Transmission Filters: 

A vital part of the geartrain and is responsible for filtering out impurities and moisture from, in most cases extremely complex gearboxes and drivetrains. For more information, please see our Transmission Filters page.


For any advice, please contact Holm to discuss our extensive product range of high-quality filters, and an arrangement that will allow us to cater to all your filter requirements. You can phone Holm on 01403 914400, send us an email to info@holmfilters.com or complete the enquiry form on our contact page.

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