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22nd July 2022 Holm Filters

Does Your Filter Do What It Says On The Can?

All filters are the same, aren’t they?! Well, they certainly look similar! However, do you know what’s in the can? 

Taking an oil filter as an example, the external appearance of different brands looks relatively similar. In some cases, it’s just the colour and the styling that differs. However, even the quality of the metal can and the mounting element is essential to ensuring that the filter will withstand the pressures at which it will be operating. 

When you come to the contents, those are even more crucial to ensuring that the filter plays its important part in making sure that your engine performs at its most efficient and of its longevity. We took two filters and cut them in half to demonstrate that Holm filters are at least as good as manufacturer equivalents and much better than lower-cost products. 

Inside a Filter

The filter media is the essential element (please excuse the pun!). This is the part that does the work in ensuring that the oil, air, hydraulic fluid or similar, leaving the filter, is clean and pure. 

The quality and type of the filter media are critical to performance. Factors such as pleat depth and height, plus the filter media type must be matched to the original specification and provide the right filtration surface area. Indeed, a typical aspect for cost-cutting in inferior grade filters is to downgrade the quality and the amount of media, so reducing filter performance. This not only shortens the life of the filter but in extreme cases, it can also affect the pressure of the filtered fluid or similar. 

With an oil filter, used for the example here, the spring is also an important component for which the specification must be correct. The function of the spring is to keep the oil pressure in the vehicle balanced and provide an important safety override if the filter media gets blocked. In addition, if the wrong filter media causes the pressure valve to operate, unfiltered oil can circulate into the system and around the engine, with the resultant effects on performance and durability. 

Not all filters are the same. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. All Holm filters are designed to at least the specification of the original manufacturer’s product. You can have complete confidence in their performance, especially as each is supported by the Holm parts and labour guarantee. 

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