The Holm Journey

23rd May 2022 Holm Filters

Holm Heavy Duty Filters, taking the complexity out of a complex world! 

Holm was born of the need to remove the complicated and make the purchasing and stocking of construction plant filters an easy and straightforward process. 

As a sister company to HTS Spares we have been involved in the construction plant industry for over thirty years. In working with many of the largest fleet operators in the country we come across the same problem time and time again. Workshops and storerooms filled with dusty, redundant, and obsolete stocks of filters. A miss-matched collection of brands and parts numbers making the identification of the correct part extremely difficult. 

We set out to make this whole journey for the buyer a seamless and easy one. By using both the latest technology and tried and tested user tools identifying and purchasing filters has never been easier. In easy 3 steps you can have all the information you need, at your fingertips, to manage your filter purchases in the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and time-efficient way. 

1 - Site visit. If you run a larger and more complex fleet of equipment and would like us to discuss your requirements to ensure the ideal solution we visit you on site. Together we establish your exact requirements for new filters and at the same time can discuss removing your old and obsolete stocks. 

2 - The portal. Once we have your fleet list information we then load this all onto our buying portal at With your exclusive login you can access all this information via our unique Fleet List tool. You can add and remove filters and customise the fleet list with your own fleet numbers. From here you can also download easy-to-read copies of the fleet list for use in the workshop. 

3 - The poster. To further assist you and your team in identifying the correct filters for any of your machines we can provide, completely free of charge, a bespoke wall poster. Branded with your company details and available in sizes up to A1 this colour poster becomes the go-to guide for anyone involved in servicing and maintenance of your fleet.  

Every step of the way we work with you to make the process as easy as 1-2-3!

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