The Holm Solution

25th April 2022 Holm Truths

The problems encountered when servicing machines – particularly replacing filters – is well known. A fitter can open the bonnet of a machine to find a myriad of filter types from different manufacturers, making it difficult to identify exactly what is needed for a full filter change. Numbering on the filters is also inconsistent as they arrive in different boxes from different manufacturers, supply can be unreliable and the quality between the filters varies. 


The Holm solution is simple. 

Holm understands that unless the filters required by fitters are in stock at their workshop, with a system and procedure for re-ordering in place, delays can occur and it can become an arduous task to keep equipment in operation. That is why the Holm Filter Kits contain everything needed for a filter change during regular interval servicing on plant and machinery. Holm Filter Kits are tailored to each customers’ specification to suit their machine and engine type. The kits are carefully packaged, containing all the filters required in one box. Each box is clearly labelled with the model of the machine and the contents of the kit and the filters inside are consistently numbered for ease of replacement.


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