Oil Filters

Engine Oil filters for all types of plant and construction equipment. Oil the wheels, well your engines actually, order today.

We supply oil filter replacements and filter kits for all engine makes and models on plant vehicles. The cost to replace an oil filter is minimal and failure to keep on top of oil and filter changes could lead to engine damage and the need for costly repairs or replacement parts. 

Oil performs a number of important jobs as it flows through a vehicle engine. It keeps your engine lubricated, absorbs contaminants and seals the gaps between the cylinder walls and the piston rings. 

Without a filter in place, the oil would pick up dirt, dust, fungus and bacteria which would clog your engine, rather than lubricating it. A regularly changed oil filter will keep your engine oil clean, enabling oil to do its job properly.



If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable filter experts about our range of OEM equivalent Holm oil filters and manufacturer branded equivalents, please phone Holm on 01432 914400, email info@holmfilters.com or fill out our contact form