Pollen Filters

Pollen filters for the cabs of all types of plant and construction equipment. Breathe easily, order today.

We supply replacement pollen filters and filter kits for all models of plant vehicles and construction equipment. With the incidence of viruses and individual allergies increasing it makes good sense to protect your drivers and other staff. 

Pollen filters clean the air that comes into the cabin of your plant or equipment and filters out pollen, dust, dirt, exhaust fumes and other airborne material.  This helps to protect the driver and any colleagues in the cab, from the majority of the pollutants and allergens that will be encountered on a construction site.

It is recommended that pollen filters are changed at each service interval, or more frequently if the vehicle is working in particularly dusty and dirty conditions or near to concentrated areas of pollen, such as in or near crop fields, for example, on a new construction site that was previously farmland.


If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable filter experts about our range of OEM equivalent Holm pollen filters and manufacturer branded filters, please phone Holm on 01403 914400, email info@holmfilters.com or fill out our contact form