Filter Kits

Helping plant fleet managers to reduce downtime and costs with simplified filter service kits.


Unless you have the filters in stock and a system or procedure for reordering, your services could get delayed – making it an arduous task to keep your equipment running.

That’s why the Holm Filter Kits have everything you need for the filter change in regular interval servicing.

We have a Holm Filter Kit for every model of plant and construction machinery.

If the filter kit you need isn’t listed, please call 01403 914400 and we’ll get it uploaded for you.

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The Holm Filter Kits are combinations of OE spec filters that fit a specific make and model of machinery. These are available in 500-hour interim service kits and 1000-hour full-service kits.

Aside from protecting your warranty, keeping up with factory-recommended service intervals is important for:

  • Ensuring the safety of the machine
  • Improving reliability
  • Maintaining high performance
  • Increasing machine uptime

Frequent Vehicle Servicing Benefits:

  • Improved equipment and system reliability
  • Reduction of unexpected breakdown
  • Extended equipment life and durability
  • Improved parts inventory management



Holm service filter kits are suitable for all makes and models of plant and construction machinery including: 


See Filter Finder for the complete list.



Service Filter Kits available @ Holm

  • Filter Kits: 500 hour filter kit | 1000 hour filter kit
  • Filters Available: Air filter, Oil filter, Fuel filter, Hydraulic filter & Transmission filters plus many more


The 500-Hour Filter Kits include:

The 1000-Hour Filter Kits include:

  • An Oil Filter
  • All Fuel Filters
  • The Main/Outer Air Filter
  • Everything in the 500-Hour Filter Kits
  • The Safety/Inner Air Filter
  • Hydraulic Return Filter
  • Hydraulic Pilot Filter
  • Transmission Filter

Find your filters using the Holm Filter Finder



Bespoke Kits

We know that sometimes you will have specific requirements for your fleet. That's why we’ve added the option for custom-built Filter Kits.

To get a Bespoke Filter Kit created, please let us know via the contact details below.



If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable filter experts about our range of OEM equivalent Holm service filter kits, please phone Holm on 01403 914400, email or fill out our contact form.