What is the perfect amount of stock you need?

31st October 2023 Holm Education

Having a fully stocked workshop doesn’t always save you time.

Although a fully stocked workshop may give you the security of knowing that you’ve got the parts there when you need them, let’s face it, there’s always a lot of rummaging around to get to the right one.

For years, plant workshops have been stocked up with everything they could possibly need to service the dumpers, excavators, telehandlers, etc that come into the workshop.

Here's what it might look like…

Messy, overstocked workshop

Here’s the problem:

You rummage through piles of stock for a filter, try it in the machine, realise it doesn’t fit, take it back to look for another one, and back to the machine again…  How much time is spent on just one filter?

Then there’s the rest of the machines that need servicing…

How much time have you spent looking for the right part?

Having a fully stocked workshop doesn’t always save you time.


A simple solution:

In most workshops, you’d know which machines need servicing before you can service them – either because you know which machines are due a service, or the machines come in and you’ve got to find out what needs to be done before you begin the service.

Why not find the machine in just 3 clicks and try the filter kits, delivered and labelled up ready to grab and go the next day?

We work through our clients' fleet lists to ensure that we stock all the filters they need, ready for next-day delivery.  This saves them from having to overstock their workshop with seldom used and too many filters.

For any other construction plant parts that aren't filters, why not check out our sister company HTS Spares?

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