How Are Holm Filters Different from OEM Branded Filters?

11th June 2021 Holm Filters

Question: How Are Holm Filters Different from OEM Branded Filters?

Simple answer: They’re not! But please read on to learn more...


Not all filters are created equal! But Holm filters are at least equal to filters from the original equipment manufacturer of your plant and machinery. 

Some non-brand, pattern, white-label filters are manufactured using lower quality components, especially the essential filter media itself, and also to lower specifications, which may mean they have a poor fit or similar. Hence, some have had a bad reputation. 

Holm Filters and OEM Filters
Holm Filters and OEM Filters

At Holm, all our Holm brand filters are made not only to very similar OEM  specifications, but they are also often manufactured in the same factory as the equipment producers’ own filters. Each of these production centres have their own expertise and specialisms, often producing filters of a specific type, which are then sold to customers worldwide. 

In reality, there are actually very few filter factories across the world. The original equipment manufacturers of the plant do not produce filters themselves and so source their branded filters from these facilities, the same factories that Holm use for the Holm branded product range. 

Of course, the quality of the filter, both in its construction and the filter media is very important, to ensure that no damage is done to the engine and other elements of the equipment are protected correctly. Because Holm use the same factories as the OEM companies, and indeed the same or improved specifications, you can be sure of both the quality of each Holm filter and the service it provides. 

Filter Manufacturers

Holm filters are designed for specific vehicles ensuring that the components used will stand up to the rigors of a construction site or agricultural environment. 

In building the Holm product range, much time has been spent with the engineers and technicians at the factories that produce for the OEM brands. In most cases, we offer an alternative Holm filter, which will often be more cost-effective. In instances where patents or IP rights prevent us from introducing a Holm product, then we ensure we have the OEM product in stock to provide a complete service. 

In addition to the quality of the Holm filters themselves, our focus is also on the quality of the service you will receive at the various touchpoints with our dedicated filter business. This helps make us unique. We bring together a complete range of both original equipment and Holm branded filters and provide innovative facilities such as our Filter Finder, single part number system for ease of identification of Holm filters, filter service kits, providing everything you need in one package, fleet management facilities and exceptional customer service. 

In particular, we work with clients that run medium to large fleets of construction equipment ensuring that we understand their requirements and so have available all of the filters needed to keep their fleets moving. Effectively we provide a one-stop-shop for all your filter needs. 

Please contact Holm to discuss our extensive product range of high-quality filters, and an arrangement that will allow us to cater to all your filter requirements. You can phone Holm on 01403 914400, send us an email to or complete the enquiry form on our contact page.

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