How to add Machines to your Machine Lists

4th June 2024 Holm Improvements

Short on time or money? Struggling to get stock in or keep it tidy? Have machines waiting to be serviced? Ordering filters for a machine is usually a technical task that requires precision, and mistakes can be costly. That's why we've simplified the process.


Filter ordering isn't only for the specialists. Our system allows anyone on your team to order the right filters while you focus on servicing your machines. Just save your fleet numbers in your account under Machine Lists, and anyone can order the correct filters for your machines.


You can set it up yourself (details below) or send your fleet list to, and we'll help you get started.


How to add a machine to your Machine Lists:

  1. Register or Login to your account
  2. In Account, scroll down and click on View Machine Lists
  3. To add a machine click New List under the Machine List search bar.
  4. Select the ManufacturerModel and Variant of your first machine (like you would in the Filter Finder)
  5. Enter Fleet Numbers: In the Fleet Numbers box, type in all the asset numbers for that machine, separated by commas.
  6. Click Save to add those machines to your Machine Lists.


Now, when you've got a machine coming up for service, you can just say “I need 1000HR kits for FY7645, FY7650, JU8564, JU8555” to your team or anyone at Holm, and be confident that you'll be getting the right filters for the right machine.

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