Search by your fleet number to find the right filters

19th February 2024 Holm Improvements

One of the biggest challenges with ordering filters, is working out which filter will fit the machine.

You could go round the machines and write down the filter numbers. But, if the numbers are partially smudged or scratched, you won't be able to read them. 

The famous Filter Finder and the Holm Filter Wall charts have been quite a hit among plant engineers and fitters, but here's another way…


Holm Fleet Manager

The Holm Fleet Manager can store all the machines in your fleet with your fleet numbers. When you next need to place an order for filters, you can search your fleet number and you'll get a list of all the filters that fit that specific machine.


Video transcript:

Whether you've got 20 or 20,000 machines, keeping track of all the filter numbers is always a challenge.

On the Holm website, we've got the famous filter finder, which cuts out a lot of the work. What you might not have seen or heard of yet is the Holm Fleet Manager.

When you have an account with Holm, we will upload your fleet list to your online portal.

That means you can search by your fleet number and you'll get a list of all the filters and kits that fit that machine.

If you have any machines that have a filter requirement which is different to the industry normal, you can store the information here.

You don't have to try and remember [the filter] every time, we’ll store the information for you.

And anyone, even a total amateur, can order the filters.

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