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8th June 2022 Holm Improvements

Helping Plant Fleet Managers Reduce Downtime & Costs With Filter Service Kits

Maintaining factory recommended service intervals is important, not just to protect your warranty, but also to improve machine reliability, performance and uptime.

To make your servicing and maintenance easier and simpler we offer high-quality Holm OE spec Service Filter Kits for the majority of plant and construction equipment manufacturer brands in either 500 hour interim service kits or 1000 full-service kits. 

Holm Filter Kit
Holm Filter Box

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Here at Holm, we understand that unless you have all the filters you need in stock, delays can occur and it can become an arduous task to keep equipment in operation.  That is why the Holm service filter kits contain everything you need for the filter change during regular interval servicing on your plant and vehicles. 


Holm service filter kits are suitable for all makes and models of plant and construction machinery including: 

BomagTakeuchiPlus many moreā€¦

Please see our Filter Finder to locate a specific filter for your machine.


Service Filter Kits available @ Holm

Both 500 and 1000 hour filter kits are available for a wide range of equipment as standard. These include air, oil, fuel, hydraulic and transmission filters plus any others that are needed for each vehicle type. In addition, we can create filter kits exactly to your needs with all the filters required for your servicing regime or a particular machine on your fleet.

If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable filter experts about our range of OEM equivalent Holm service filter kits, please phone Holm on 01403 914400, email or fill out our contact form.

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