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Filter Finder - Find the filters you need for any make & model of plant machinery in just 3 clicks.
Stock Guarantee - The knowledge of what your fleet is made up of enables us to be able to stock every filter you’ll need.
Machine Lists - Save your machines in your account so you can find the filters you need without any extra effort.





Some of the filter brands we stock.






"By and large, most filters are the same. But what we see is changing, is the amount of different manufacturers and different brands that are coming up. And it's making it harder and harder for workshops to procure filters because they're dealing with different suppliers for each brand of machinery. So we try and bring the whole lot together into one portal to make it efficient and easy for people."

Ivan Knappett - Managing Director





Some of the filter types we supply.


Replacement filters for plant and construction machinery. Filters for JCB. Filters for Bomag. Filters for Kubota. Filters for Komatsu.


Why would I choose Holm?

Is your workshop always making itself messy?  How long does it take you to find the right filter?  How often do you get a queue-up of machines in your yard waiting to be serviced?  How much money do you have tied up in stock from buying in bulk?  How long will the stock sit there before it gets used?  How much time do you spend flipping through a parts book?  Do you struggle to convey the right information over the phone?  Do you end up with a stack of invoices that need to be sorted out every month?


What is working with Holm like?

  • Efficient stock management
  • Time-saving order processes
  • Single-source ordering
Holm Filters in plant workshop

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