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Holm is where
the part is.

Holm filters - Manufacturer spec filters for plant and construction machinery and vehicles. 

Holm plant and construction filters can be purchased as individual filters or to maximise efficiency and productivity choose our service filter kits, containing everything you need to complete an interim or full service on your construction equipment. 


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The Holm Advantage 

Holm specialises in filters of all kinds for construction and agricultural equipment. We make the sourcing and supply of filters simpler, whilst also reducing costs, whether for a one-off purchase of a Holm or OEM filter or in reducing the cost of filter acquisition across your fleet. 


Contract Purchase

If you are operating upwards of 40 pieces of equipment, then talk to us. We will be pleased to assess your filter purchasing and identify how you can save time, effort and costs.

  1. 1. Trade and Stockist pricing
  2. 2. Free Carriage on orders over £100 (UK Mainland)
  3. 3. Access to the ‘Manage My Fleet’ and ‘Manage my Codes’ features


One-Off Purchase

If you need a single filter or a mix for a particular service, then please use our UK Filter Distributer HTS Spares. There you can find the full range of Filters on their Filter Finder Tool.


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